The Effect of Obesity on Pregnancy Outcomes among Australian Indigenous and non-Indigenous Women


Eliminating disparities between the health status of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians is a national priority.1 Obesity (body mass index [BMI] 30.0 kg/m2) is a major contributor to chronic diseases.2,3

As obesity rates at all ages are higher among Indigenous Australians,4 obesity-related health disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians are a public health concern.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Review whether the effect of pre-pregnancy overweight or obesity on maternal complications and perinatal outcomes is modified by Indigenous status



Medical Journal of Australia
Reading: journal; textbook; book; literature review
1h : 0m
MBA: 1h : 0m
Indigenous Health
Medical Practitioner, Medical Student, Doctor-in-Training, Non-Vocationally Registered, Nurse / Midwife, Pharmacist, Podiatrist, Psychologist, Researcher, Retired, Specialist - Other, Specialist General Practitioner
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