Eagle Syndrome as a Potential Cause of Tapia Syndrome


A 38-year-old man presented with influenza A (H1N1) pneumonia complicated by acute respiratory distress syndrome, resulting in an extended intensive care unit stay (37 days).


Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop an understanding of Eagle Syndrome as a potential cause of Tapia Syndrome


Medical Audience
GP, GP Registrar, Specialist, Doctors in Training (DIT), Medical Student, International Medical Graduate, Overseas Trained Doctor


Medical Journal of Australia
Reading: journal; textbook; book; literature review
0h : 30m
MBA: 0h : 30m
ACRRM - Fellow: 0.5 pts
ACRRM - Non Fellow: 0.5 pts
RACGP: 1 pt
Diagnostic Techniques, Procedures and Imaging

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