Delivering an Impressive Performance at Interview


As detailed in Understanding the Interview Process, a recruitment interview is a key component of the recruitment process, with this activity contributing up to one third of the assessment score of candidates’ suitability for a position.  

Therefore, it is essential that you put time and effort into planning and preparing for these occasions.

This module provides information about how to perform at interviews, so that you can enter the interview with the confidence and skills that will allow you to best demonstrate not only how you fulfil the requirements of the role, but also how you will make a valuable contribution to the institution and sector of the profession that you wish to enter.

1 hour Online Learning 



Learning Outcomes

  1. Create your interview preparation plan
  2. Describe the benefits of effective teamwork and communication skills to ensure patient safety
  3. Name components of the STARFL model to respond to behavioural questions


Interview application, interview preparation, interview performance, interview practice, career  


Australian Medical Association
Online Education
1h : 0m
Leadership and Management
Medical practitioners and other healthcare professionals

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