Modalis is a Western Australian medical service specialing in MRI-guided, repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS), which can improve the treatment options in pain management, psychiatry (depression, OCD, PTSD), neurology and rehabilitation medicine.

Modalis was set up by a group of psychiatrists and pain specialists but offers its services to a range of other medical specialties.

As a non-invasive neurostimulation technique, it requires no pharmacological intervention. Instead, it harnesses natural electromagnetic waves to target the outer part of the brain (cortex). Thus, TMS activates various regulatory processes and connections between brain regions.

TMS therapy has advantages over other treatments:

• it is a non-invasive form of direct neurostimulation with a superior safety profile

• rTMS has comparable success rates to pharmacological therapy

• it is well tolerated with few side-effects

• it could be delivered in quick, convenient sessions on an outpatient basis

• offers sustained results over more extended periods of time.

Our team at Modalis are committed to ongoing research in collaboration with Perron Institute and review of our treatment protocols according to the emerging evidence and the most current neurophysiology knowledge to provide the highest level of care. As part of this, we provide regular updates about the latest developments and published research in this area.


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